Vano’s update

Hello guys,

I am currently so busy with my work and school that I find it hard to write some blogs. Sorry about that! But that means I have a lot of subjects to write about. 😉 Vano is really growing so fast! He learned in 2 weeks time how to walk on his own and he is really rockin it. He is literally walking so fast that you have to keep an eye on him every second. I have been looking forward to this moment for quite a long time for him to walk and grab my hand.  Although I already know it’s going be extra hard because you have no rest at all LOL.

It is so nice to see that he is getting smarter everyday. Vano gives cuddles and kisses and wave me goodbye when daddy is picking him up. Vano is going crazy when he sees a ball and wants to play with it. He loves animals and he liked to make animal sounds. Now that he can walk he barely crawls. 🙂 I also started with a new sleeping-schedule, he only sleeps once a day.

Vano loves his ball but the nature as well

Vano with the chickens
Playtime with grandpa
Vano is sitting ”jongkok”. This is the way how people from Indonesia likes to sit down. I still do 😉


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