First festival of the year: Tofler Festival

Hello peepz!

Last Saturday I went to my first festival of the year, Tofler Festival! I was so excited to go! I was looking forward to it for weeks to dance my butt off. It was a shame that the sun wasn’t shining that day but we shined definitely like never before. 😉  The festival was located in Rotterdam but I’ve never been there before. The festival was like a little village, I saw so many people I knew. That was fun.

Unfortunately my age is coming closer to the 30’s ….. my recovery isn’t that fast as it used to be when I was 20 years old. It took 3 days to feel normal again. Because of 9 hours dancing in a row I thought I lost atleast 2 kilo’s. Didn’t go to the gym for that weekend. But to be honest I gained 1 kilo! How was that possible after this weekend?! I went to the gym on Tuesday, it was hard but I was glad I did my exercise. I felt happy afterwards. 😀 I even bought a new sport outfit, because I take this really serious right now and It feels great!

Some of you might saw it on my IG account but here are some pics of the festival and from my new fitness outfit. I am definitely planning to go to another festival, which one should I go? Let me know in a comment. ⇓

XX Malou

With Mitch
With Larissa

My new fitness outfit 🙂


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