Eat, eat and eat!

Hello lovies,

I still find it hard not to train enough to achieve my body goals, but I spend every free time I have in the gym. My food schedule is going well. Except when I was in London… LOL. So I have to eat healthy and 6 times a day again to keep it up. 😉 I have to admit that I like fitness more then a few years ago, of course kickboxing is more my thing but I don’t mind spending my time on some fitness at all. It releases all my energy, clears my mind and I’m working on my body.

What do I eat?

The snacks such as chips are exchanged for rice waffles with chicken filet and avocado. I eat 2 boiled eggs and yogurt every night and I try to eat as varied as possible. (Pasta’s, chicken with rice, vegetables and fruit). I don’t drink lemonade at all only water or tea.

If you have advice that I can use on my workout or my food schedule, let me know. 🙂

XX Malou

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