5 x Fav skinproducts






1.Douglas Serum || 2.Clinique type 2 set || 3.Nivea Daycréme || 4.BB Créme Medium  || 5.Face Mask

Hello Ladies,

It is not a secret when you’re on your way to the 30’s, you need some more protection and self care for your skin. These 5 skin products are my fav! Of course every skin is different and you need to find out what is best for your own skin. I have a normal to dry skin, especially in the winter my skin can be very dry. I really adore the Serum!! Normally you pay a lot for a good serum, but this one is not expensive and it gives your skin a beautiful glow. You use it after the day creme. With all the dirt and population in the air and make up we put on our faces you need a good skincare routine. With the Clinique intro set you can clean your skin in 3 simple steps. I have noticed that when you use this in the morning, your make up lays better on the skin. 🙂 Number 3 is a hydrating day creme from Nivea, I start using it when I was 14 years old and I still use it now. Before I put make up on, I use BB Creme Medium from Garnier and I love it because I use it often as a foundation (but it’s more like a primer). Last but not least I try to use a face mask once a week to relax your skin. The face masks I am using the most are from Van der Hoog. To buy these products you click on the link below the picture.

What are your fav skin products?

XX Malou


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