My expierence as a single mom so far

Hi Guys 🙂

Last couple of months I had to find a way of my new life. Today I would like to share my experience as a single mom. First I want to tell how grateful I am that Vano still has a father, granddad and a grandmom. ♥ My granddad and grandmom past away when I was little and my father wasn’t really there for me. Despite I don’t have a relationship with my mom, still I have lots of respect how she managed it.

Yes it is tough to be a single parent. Moments like that I am cleaning the house Vano ask for attention, there is nobody who can play with him. I live all the way upstairs, so if I forget something ( and that happens a lot LOL) I have to go all the way upstairs. You ask why I get so fit? Do some groceries and live in a house with 3 stairs. Don’t forget I walk everyday a half hour after work when I pick up Vano. Nope, I don’t have car. 😉 Beside I am a mom, I work as a P.A. for 3 managers at KPN (And I really love my job ♥).  I also go to school every Tuesday and I have to make sure I will get my diploma in July. I hope I can stay at KPN but I am looking just to be sure, for a job. I am also in a doubt, should I work 32 or 36 hours when I am finished school? I am working also on myself, mentally and physically. Then there are times I see that Vano misses his dad, so yeah…. all this together can be very hard!

But please, don’t feel sorry for me! I noticed a lot when people ask me if I am married or not they feel sorry for me when I tell them I am a single parent. There a lot of moments I can’t wait to face them with my son. I can’t wait to go on vacation with him alone or just to walk with him, his hand in mine. To watch him play with his friends and act silly with him. The moments that he will say: ”Mommy I love you.” ♥ I really cannot wait……

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