8 x activities for your 1-2 year old

Hi Mommy’s,

Today I am gonna share some ideas do to with your little boy or girl. Especially when there are very little it can be difficult to decide what kind of activities you can do. Even when you are a single parent and don’t have enough money there are some nice things to do with your child! If you have any nice ideas to add on this list, please share it with me. 🙂

  1. Petting Zoo: Always nice to visit the petting zoo. It’s for free and the can learn more stuff about the animals.
  2. Sea Life: Based here in Scheveningen you can walk inside indoors aquariums. Spot different fish and learn your child more about the life in the sea. They really love it! 
  3. Strolling in the woods: Not only good for your child, it is also very nice to relax in the nature for you as well. 😉 
  4. Play garden:  Maybe a few minutes you will have you’re hands free and a nice chat with another parent.
  5. Play date: Invite a play date with a friend who has a child at your home.
  6. Strolling in the park: Surrounded by nature. Take your blanket with you and bring some food and toys.
  7. The Zoo: Fun for the whole family.
  8. Picknick:  Bring some food and toys and a blanket.

Day in the park

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