Terror- Vano- day

Wow he is growing fast!” Is what I have been hearing a lot lately. But Vano his personality is growing with him. Oh, dear Lord. Have Mercy on me. LOL. 😉 His character is pretty much like mine……… For people who know me, when they read this line I hear them saying: OMG! He has a temper and he can be very active and likes to explore.

I didn’t feel so good that Saturday, neither Vano. So I did some groceries and chilled at home. I try to relax but Vano was screaming and acted a bit annoying. So I was exhausted by the end of the day. On a Sunday we went to Rotterdam with Vano. I thought his mood-swings were over but in the car his screaming went further. My sweet little man turned into a little monster. Larissa and I were strolling around. That went well for 1 hour, afterwards he was screaming again. So we decided to drink a cup of tea and gave Vano Milk. Guess what, he was screaming AGAIN. I can’t remember Larissa and I even talked to each other when we had a cup of tea. LOL I must get used to this, it wont be the last time he is going to act like this.

That moment Vano is giving Larissa a hard time and everybody is watching…. LOL

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