Working on a body comeback

Hi Guys,

Well actually before the breakup I was doing great with eating healthy and getting fit. But right after the break up stress kicked in my body. And I always lose weight because of the stress, even when I eat I lose weight. Soooo, I have to start all over again grrr.

At my worst I just lost 4 KG for me that is a lot! According to my BMI I still have a healthy BMI, but for myself I think I was better before. Exercise is on the low because I have Vano most of the time, so my plan is to do some workouts at home when Vano is sleeping. And when I have time to go to the gym or take kickbox- classes.

To gain weight I have to eat 6 times a day and I believe it is working. I gained 2 Kilo’s , so that is 2 more to go! You are probably thinking why in gods name do you want this? Well, I am a young mother who wants to feel like a woman with nice curves and not a teenager. 😉

If I keep eating 6 times a day and do more exercise, I will achieve my goal! For now, I won’t let stress ‘eat’ me away. 😉

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XOXO Mamalou 

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