Vano’s first Bday party!

Hey Guys!

Actually I wanted to post this earlier but because of my private issues I am a bit late to post a blog about Vano’s first birthday party. 🙂 Dennis and I were already no longer a couple but we didn’t tell everyone because we want to give Vano a nice Bday party.  I am very glad that we did this and everything went with love and harmony. Like every parent, the first birthday of your child can be very emotional. For us it was extra emotional as you can imagine….

His birthday was on February 9th and I remember crying at least 4 times that day. His first year already past and it went sooooo fast! Because of his condition we had so much stress, but he is doing so good now. The last year was playing like a movie in my head that day. I am so blessed that he is healthy and a happy little boy.

Last time I can use the cute color baby blue… after this there will be tough – guy -themes. Like: Spider-Man, Batman or Cars!
We celebrate his party on the 10th of February and invited our loved ones. He is wearing a suite from the Zara.
We organized that day in 2 shifts so it would not be that busy. To be honest both shifts were crowded so I am glad we did the splitting. 😉
With my dear friend Brian. I spend most of the time in the kitchen to give my guest drinks and food, but also to escape the crowded living room.
Cake smash!! He didn’t liked the taste of it tho…
I have to share my BFF with Vano. He really adores her! So do I… 😀
This was a moment I was a very proud INDO- mommy. My father is from Indonesia and in our culture we love to eat! Always, Makan Makan! Vano did not like the cake but when he saw food on the table, he stood up and took a piece of bread with peanut sauce!! He put latterly the bread in the peanut sauce. We all laughed together.


Wow…. Did I just get a pair of Nike sneakers?


And my own car with my name on it ?!

I would like to thank everyone that was a part of that day to celebrate Vano’s first Bday! He had a great day and so did we. We are grateful with all the gifts that has been given to Vano. It was a busy, emotional day and I was exhausted but it was all worth it! ♥ 

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