New fase, new me

Hard times, reveal true friends, they said. Well that is true! What I also noticed is that I am discovering myself again. I got to know alot about myself, things I didn’t know before. How I act on situations or think about situations, it is way more different how I used to be…..

ActualIy am in shock about the ”new me”, I think the ”old me” was better. But hey, life changes you right? From a young age I have learned that life can be very hard and that people make promises that they cannot keep. I am 27 years old and both my parents are not there for me. In a situation like this, it is still hard to keep your head up high. Because I don’t have a family, my friends are my family. But when hard times come, even some of your friends are nowhere to found. Which make your  trust issues even more an issue.


Alone is the new cool

When the sun is out and everybody is enjoying the sun outside in a nice bar with some friends. I like that. But the new me is also telling that I can do this also on my own. I like to do stuff on my own for example, shopping. You can do what you want  in your own time. Or sitting on a terras on your own enjoying the sun, no problem with that! Even people who are going on vacay on their own, maybe someday I will! 🙂 I even spoke to a guy that goes to a festival by himself. He said, I always make new friends.

So I guess I am gonna enjoy more ”me time” when Vano is with his dad and thats okay! Meanwhile I try to accept my new way of thinking and accepting my new life…


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